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With over 50 years’ legal experience, the Law Office of Asaph Abrams and Of Counsel, Ronald F. Woods provide personalized, essential estate planning for San Diego families and individuals.

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Whether your assets are few or considerable, we create a comprehensive estate plan to protect property and promise that preferences for financial- and health-care are honored, both in life and after death.

Your time is valuable: we accommodate your schedule and provide step-by-step, easy instruction to ensure your will, trust and other estate planning instruments are properly put into effect through careful, quick and sound turnaround.

As estate planning attorneys, we are in our fourth decade of writing individualized living trusts, wills and advance health care directives: attorney-prepared instruments that save loved ones from lost time and money, as well as the uncertainty and grief from being forced to guess at your wishes.

From our office in downtown San Diego, we provide no-obligation, free-of-charge confidential consultations to explain how a will, living trust and estate plan are necessary, affordable and efficient means of safeguarding your assets and legacy.

At your estate planning attorney consultation, we put into patient practice the principle that the client should be allowed to make a fully informed decision.  We respect your time and take the time to answer your questions.Living Trusts and Wills by Attorney Asaph Abrams

The Law Office of Asaph Abrams is a family-run business.  A “mom and pop” estate planning law office where you’ll feel comfortable and at ease.  With humor, sensitivity and warmth, we take care of you and we take care of business.  We take upon the burden to write your will, living trust, advance health care directive and durable general power of attorney (presented as part of a comprehensive, economical estate planning package) so you may move with confidence into the future, focusing on the individuals you love, the families you cherish and the life you hold dear.

For more information on wills, trusts and estate planning, click on our links designed to concisely answer immediate questions in straightforward, plain English.

At the Law Office of Asaph Abrams, we subscribe to the policy that the estate planning client must be empowered with knowledge and detail; this is your estate planning process, your will, your trust. And we’re here to help.

Estate Planning Table of Contents:

1. Revocable Living Trust

2. Revocable Living Trust Package

3. The Living Estate Package

4. Durable General Power of Attorney

5. Advance Health Care Directive 

6. Last Will and Testament